About Me


my name is Philipp and I would like to share with you a little bit about myself and explain what this blog is about.

I am at the moment 25 years old and recently asked my perfect match to marry me ( She said yes in case you were wondering). We met in college and share our biggest passion – CrossFit. Up to 3 years ago, my entire physical and athletic background consisted of soccer – being from Germany you might think that is obvious. In 2011 I discovered weightlifting and dabbled in that for about a year and a half. I engaged in a normal routine with set days for chest, back, legs, shoulders and arms in a normal globo gym setting. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I have to say I didn’t quite see the results I was looking for. In May 2012 I tried my first CrossFit workout at CrossFit 302 and even though it hurt I fell in love with it. For the next 3 months I followed CrossFit HQ and did the mainsite wods at a Gold’s Gym. I decided to do my CrossFit Level-1 Certification in August 2012 with my fiancee’s brother. After the seminar I knew that my fiancee K and I had to find a box, because something was just missing at Gold’s Gym. We joined CrossFit Mettle and had a great few months. At the end of the year I was forced to move back to Germany and K came with me. Unfortunately we did not have a box close by for 9 months (the closest one was an hour away). When we attended the 2012 CrossFit Invitational in Berlin, I noticed some guys with shirts from a town close to where we live. It turned out that they recently opened up a box and we were really excited about it. The next week we went several times to get a feel for the box and the trainers and knew that this will be our new home. We are currently training at CrossFit Reutlingen and really enjoy it.

CrossFit really has changed my life in a lot of ways already and I cannot see my life without these workouts. At this point I am not looking into competing or beating anyone. I am challenging myself to get better in a lot of aspects. I know I am not the strongest or fastest, but I give it my best every time I walk through those doors. I hope to simply inspire and encourage a few people to get going and work on something they are putting off for some time now or they are scared to do.

This blog simply shares our workouts and is designed to keep track of what we do. I would love for people to sometimes try what we do and see how they do or like it. I also plan to review products we use and share our diet choices and recipes.

I thank you for reading and/ or following my blog and hope you find it inspiring!

Have an awesome workout,


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