150220 – Pull Ups, Deadlifts, Handstand Push Ups, Toes to Bar

Hey Fitness Friends,

so this was a team workout and we did not feel quite up to going. We knew though that we had to. After all it was maybe not such a good idea. We tore both of our hands up, which is not the best thing to do with the open coming up in less than a week. I think we’ll be ready though, at least as ready as we can be in Germany and for this year.

Workout of the Day:
for time:
100 Pull Ups
50 Deadlifts 100/75 kg
50 Handstand Push Ups (strict)
50 Deadlifts 100/75 kg
100 Toes to Bar

Our Results:
WOD: We used 75 kg for the Deadlifts and did Kipping Handstand Push Ups. We stopped at 23 Minutes with 27 Toes to Bar. Like I mentioned we already ripped our hands and it was not worth it to us to really injure ourselves.

Stay Strong!


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