150210 – Randy

Hey Fitness Friends,

we did “Randy” yesterday. We did it for the first time last September and it was awesome to see we improved. My chest started hurting again, so I sat out on the skill.

1) 5×3 Strict Handstand Push Up + 10 sec Handstand Hold
2) 5×3 Strict Toes to Bar + 10 sec L-Sit Hold

Workout of the Day:
for time
75 Power Snatches @ 35kg

Our Results:
1) K did the HSPU from a box/floor.
2) K tried to get up to the bar, but did not quite make it. She got as high as she could!
WOD: K used 30 kg and finished in 9:56 min. That is a 2 min PR from last time. I finished in 8:10 min. Last time I used heavier weight, but I still shaved over 4 minutes off my time.

Stay Strong!


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