140930 – Jackie

Hey Fitness Friends,

we went to Open Gym and did some lifting. For our Metcon, we chose “Jackie”. I rowed with my lifters for the first time and it was bad. I thought I slowed down a lot, but I actually had pretty much the same time. K Timecapped herself at 15 minutes getting done 15 Pull Ups. She would have finished, but her Shoulders started hurting. Still a good effort considering she did it Rx.

3 RM Snatch (with 2 sec Pause above knee)

Workout of the Day:
for time
1000m Row
50 Thrusters with 20 kg
30 Pull Ups

Our Results:
K finally hit a 50 kg Snatch again (She was close to tying her PR and even hitting a new one). I know she has 60 kg in her within the next 30 days. It is just a head thing. I went up to 50 for the 3 RM. My Legs were still tired from the day before.
I finished Jackie in 10:29 minutes.

Stay Strong!


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