140924 – Cleans

Hey Fitness Friends,

our box got some hoodies in today. We bought one for each of us. So we are really happy about that. We are also getting better again on the diet. Hopefully the adaption phase won’t be too long. I also started on a new article, hopefully I can write a little here and there to publish it soon.

1) Strict Press: 1×5@ 75%, 1×3@ 85%, 1xME@ 95%

Workout of the Day:
15 min EMOM of
Min 1-5: 5 Squat Cleans with 60% of 1RM
Min 5-10: 2 Squat Cleans with 70% of 1RM
Min 5-15: 1 Squat Clean with 80% of 1RM

Our Results:
1)K did 30 kg, 35 kg and 5 reps at 37.5 kg. I did 37.5 kg, 42.5 kg and 7 reps at 47.5 kg

WOD: While I was doing the Cleans, K was doing some Tall Snatches and Cleans. She really wants to dial down her form and she is slowly getting there. I did my cleans at 57.5 kg, 67.5 kg and 77.5 kg. It was rough!

Stay Strong!


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