140507 – Front Squats, Sit Ups

Hey Fitness Friends,

so yesterday was a great day! First we got a new couch. My parents moved some stuff around and we got the spare (brand new) couch they had upstairs. Moving on to the workout, it was a pretty good workout and K pushed herself really well. She finished pretty quickly. And before class I did Outlaws strength part from Monday (since we screwed up on that one last time) and I hit a huge PR on the 3 RM Hang Clean (this has also been my first pr in the last several months). So good day yesterday! Off to a new one.

12 mins to work to a 3rm Mid-hang Clean – went up to 80 kg
then 1X3 @ 72,5 kg (90%)

4 rounds of
10 Toes to Bar
25 Kettlebell Swings with 24 / 16 kg
1 minute Rest between rounds

Workout of the Day:
3-6-9-12-15-18-21 for time of
Front Squats with 40/30 kg
Sit Ups

Our Results:
K and I did it Rx. K finished in 9:47 minutes and I finished in 9:28 minutes.

Stay Strong!


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3 Responses to 140507 – Front Squats, Sit Ups

  1. jackielo711 says:

    Good job on the PR! I look forward to being able to say that….one day… ha I just started crossfit so we’ll see how this goes!

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