140416 – Kettlebell Swings, Box Jumps, Wallballs

Hey Fitness Friends,

so the first day of work is over and I’m getting ready for number two. I really enjoy what I’m doing and look forward to continue. K got some serious cleaning done, so when I got home the apartment looked very nice. The workout itself was rough, but I am happy we both got through. For Dinner we had something my grandma made that day (homemade beans, noodles and sausage) – was so good.

10 minute alternating EMOM of
20 Med Ball Sit Ups with 20/14 lbs
15 Goblet Squats with 24/16 kg

Workout of the Day:
For Time
100 Kettlebell Swings with 24/16 kg
100 Box Jumps onto 20/24″
100 Wallballs with 20/14 lbs
Time Cap of 25 minutes

Our Results:
We both did it Rx. K finished in 24:21 minutes. She is still struggling with the height of the box jumps.
I finished in 22:23 minutes. I decided to do American Swings (instead of the prescribed Russian Swings) and lost some time on those. I had to catch up on the Box Jumps and I think I managed that.

Stay Strong!


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One Response to 140416 – Kettlebell Swings, Box Jumps, Wallballs

  1. Great workout! Check out my blog for inspiration on living a good healthy life!

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