30 Day Push Up Challenge

Hey Fitness Friends,

today I wanted to talk a little bit about the push up challenge I did the last 30 days.
I am at a point right now, at which I want to make progress. One way making progress is to tackle your weaknesses. After I had identified that Push Ups are a weakness of mine, I just had to take the steps to improve them. Since our current programming does not focus on any of my weaknesses specifically I knew additional measures had to be taken. K grabbed some magazines on our flight back to Germany earlier this year and one of the magazines was the German Men’s Health. One of the editors talked about how he did 100 Push Ups a day for 30 days and it greatly helped him. I knew that this is something that could benefit me as well. I was also aware of my current status and knew that 100 Push Ups a day right at the start would be difficult. So I scaled it to a rep count I felt obtainable.

30 Day Push Up Challenge:
Do 100 Push Ups for 30 days every day. I recommend doing the Push Ups for 6 days and taking 1 day of rest. Split them up however you like and just get them done.
I also recommend starting day one with a test of how many push ups you can do within 2 minutes. This way there is a base reading and on the last day of push ups (or soon after that) this can be done again and compared.

I reduced my rep count for this first attempt to the following:
Week 1: 50 Push Ups a day
Week 2: 75 Push Ups a day
Week 3: 100 Push Ups a day
Week 4: 100 Push Ups a day

I don’t think that keeping your elbows tight and back makes much of a difference. Granted Coaches at CrossFit usually emphasize this for skill transfer and strength transfer reasons, but I have to say after this first 30 days I have not seen much improvement in other areas.
I would definitely recommend though, I you decide to do a big portion at once to break it down as little as possible. I tried to do one half in the morning and the other half in the evening. I noticed that when I pushed close to failure it helped me more than if I was doing 5-10 at a time. Yes you are doing a certain amount a day and 10 reps is great, but to really make progress pushing more is important. Also important is to rather go slow and focus on form than quick and sloppy. If you want you can also alternate your push ups styles every now and then (like doing diamond or wide, maybe even one arm push ups 😉 ).

My experience from doing this for the first time is great, even though the last week was getting a little bit hard mentally. I know my push ups have gotten better and easier. I also noticed that my chest build some serious muscle. It has not gotten huge, but I definitely can notice more muscle.

So if any of you decide doing this, I would love if you share your experiences and reps! Maybe I can get some more insight on this approach and improve it.


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One Response to 30 Day Push Up Challenge

  1. Kristin says:

    How exciting!! Great job!! I love this idea!! I will keep it in mind! 😉

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